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Football Masters

This article was written and uploaded April 2017.

If you've landed here I guess you are a nostalgic fan of Football Masters. Perhaps particularly the circa 1990 version with the 4 split screen cheering crowd goal scoring routine. I've been provoked into writing this because I've received a few recent contacts about getting these old games to run on a PC. So I have a come up with a plan to see if I can get some financial motivation to spend the time required to provide access to all these old games onto the PC. I've added a paypal donate button below and once I received a few contributions I will dedicate my time to getting this project done for you all to access these old games on your PC.

It really is difficult to suggest an amount to donate so it's open to whatever you feel is comfortable considering past enjoyment and the prospect of immersing yourself in Football Masters once again. Most versions over the years sold for £20 but for those that donate something I will provide free access to these downloads as soon as they are ready.

If the donations grow sufficiently I would look to employ someone to help update the player databases for the current season and maybe I will be inspired to modify code to apply the seemingly ever changing European cup systems.

I have recently started coding again on the PC but I have started work on a MMOG that I wrote a concept version of circa 1987 whilst at college. This was a business mining exploration game and with the current popularity of Minecraft and Terraria and the widespread use of mobile phones a good game on this subject may well be in favour by the time I complete it. I expect it will take me a year or two to finish but for now I am enjoying this new challenge. Thereafter, I may well consider a full conversion of my old Atari ST Football Masters code to a modern PC game and then perhaps a MMOG version of it. Any donations during this time will be reinvested to help bring such prospects forward as I will use such funds to hire relevant expertise where required.

Back in 2002 I had to stop production because Football Masters became uneconomically viable for me to continue. The publisher who agreed to get the game into retailers probably ripped us off to the tune of 50,000 and I had to sue them to get what money they offered to pay us and I just settled for a much less amount to let me move on and reinvest in another business I had already tentatively started prior to the final disappoint of not getting properly rewarded for all the teams Football Masters efforts.

When the time came to end Football masters I was able to concentrate on selling fun casino equipment that was ideally placed for the Texas Hold Em online boom in 2004 and this has kept me happy and busy for many years but, it too, has had its heyday and when things died down I was able to enjoy some much needed family time and hobby's. is now a part time concern for me and whilst I have a few other home and business projects to dabble with I recently started programming again because I was housebound from November 2016 for many weeks after breaking my leg (Fractured Tibia Plateaux) playing 5 a side football, a running jump ended with me hyper flexing my knee - I must be getting to old to play so assertively!

A friend of mine suggested writing my old Football Masters game on mobile but these seems impractical to me with such tiny screens and lots of text. I had a few other old players of the game find and email or call me and it's a pleasure to hear how much they enjoyed my work and perhaps it has kind of sown a seed in my head to actually do something to enable them to .

Simon Rush

Stable Masters

It appears Mark Loveday is still producing a game based on horse racing theme called and you can click the link to go to that site for more details.