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Football Masters

The last release of this football management game was on the PC for the 2002/3 season and I still have retail packaged version available to purchase for £20 including postage. If you want to buy a copy call my office 01702 600681 between 10am and 4pm GMT with your credit card details or send us a payment by paypal to

I get the occasional requests for Atari ST and Commodore Amiga and eventually I investigate and post some links here to enable downloads to replay your favourite versions.

I had to stop production after 12 successful and rewarding full time years because I found a more economically rewarding avenue. Football Masters grew beyond the resources I could take sensibly risks on. I particularly want to thank several fans for helping me provide game translations through the latter years of production becasue of them many more people enjoyed the game around the world. One day I may well return to writing a game with a more simple edition, like at the beginning of Football Masters life in 1989, to play on the mobile phone platform.

Stable Masters

It appears Mark Loveday is still producing a game based full time on horse racing game called and you can click the link to go to that site for more details.

April 2015