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This article was written and uploaded April 2017.

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So here we are shown the details of a successful test drill that until we build an actual mine on the site found we refer to as a plot. Once you find a plot, things start to get more interesting. On this screen there are 4 sub menus to learn about.

The first one is the list of plots where you can build a mine which is what you should do if your company is able to. However, in this example of a plot of Nickle the 'Build Mine box is disabled and only Auction Mining Rights is offered as an action. The reason for this is that each players company in the game is designated its own individual technology level which determines its ability to mine each different type of mineral. Since your company does not have the ability to mine this plot the only option at the start of the game is to auction the mining rights to other company's capable of mining it in return for, a sign up bonus payment, regular commission and technology improvement for co-operating with a third party.

The second sub menu is tied to the first as it shows the resulting Offers for auctioning the mining rights on a plot you can not mine.

The third menu displays Mine(s) your company has successfully built. There you can check that it remains economic to operate and adjust the percentage of minerals you decide to store in a warehouse.

The final menu is Auctions, which is the opposite of Offers, as here is where you can search for plots you are able to mine with your technology that other company's have found and can not mine themselves.

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