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This article was written and uploaded April 2017.

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Here you can review your mines built and check they remain economic to operate since the prices that minerals will sell for will fluctuate in the game. You might also decide to set a percentage of the minerals mined to go to your warehouse for storage and sell them later when you hope the sales price is higher, or to help provide a buffer to help consistently fulfil any contracts you might agree to or to dump a large quantity on the market to try and disrupt mining competitors.

Any minerals sent to storage will have a fixed cost based upon volume stored. You might just want to do this when you think prices are too low and you want to save some minerals to sell later because you expect prices to be higher. In theory selling less to the market will increase prices because of the laws of supply and demand but with a variety of company's all doing different things and fluctuations in world market demands means nothing is guaranteed when attempting this strategy.

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