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MYOB is a mining exploration and share dealing game that plans to be a perpetual world. Example screen designs are shown on the right and a drop down menu at the top allows you to jump around the screens freely. This design was written 2017 for mobile with windows PC version also in mind. I now need to replan the mobile presentation to be more modern than currently shown here.

New players in MYOB take control of a mining company and will search a map for mineral deposits and mine them.

Mining Technology - For each type of mineral that can be found in MYOB, each company has its own mining technology rating 1-99 (99 being highest). Each mineral discovery can only be mined by company's that have a suitable technology level to mine it.

Mines - If your company has the required technology then you can build a mine and start receiving income from sales.

Minerals - Initially we expect 7 minerals to feature in the game but more will follow. Prices of each mineral will vary throughout the game.

Warehouses - You do not have to sell all what your mine extracts, you can store some in a warehouse and sell at a later date. Perhaps you have a feeling the prices will go up improve or maybe you want to undermine a rival and try to build up and sell a large quantity, thereby dumping it on the market to hopefully cause the mineral prices to drop.

Sell Mines If your company does not have the technology required then you can auction those deposits to another company that has the required technology to mine it. See auctioning the mining rights and when you accept an offer you will receive a signing bonus, regular commission and technology improvements for such co-operations.

Buy Company's - you can try to Takeover a rival company that has the required technology you need to mine a deposit. This will be more difficult but would knock out another player's company but this is not always a bad thing, you can just rejoin the game starting with a brand new company or maybe take control of one of the more established computer run company's. Of course your own company always at risk of being takenover but there are several strategies to deter and prolong this from happening.

Levels - Will not allow veterans to bully beginners and more experienced players will be given more tasks to manage and maybe more challenging maps to explore. For instance the warehouse size is initially unlimited but in the next level up you will get the option to build your own warehouse.

Cartels - Will allow company's join together with similar objectives and provide some social interaction between players.

BRIEF HISTORY OF MYOB I have been thinking this over from time to time since 1987 when I first wrote a licenceware game on the Atari ST. Back then it was called TYCOON and was an unfinished solo game based on mixing some geography and economic ideas whilst I was at college. The game has been altered and a little simplified to what I think will some 35 years later as a 4X MMOG. Some of the original elements may well be added as level progression tasks if I get the time or encouragment to do them.

Surveys (Finding Deposits/Mines) - go to the Surveys Menu and follow the hyperlinks to see how I anticipate the game will provide a geological puzzle for you to solve and find the hidden deposits to mine.

Any comments welcome at s.rush@espsoftware.co.uk