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Once you have decided to auction the mining rights for a plot, here is where you will receive the offers from other company's to help you get some benefits from your plots. There are actually 4 things to consider:-

1. You will see a percentage offered which represents the revenue share that any company is prepared to pay you from any sales it generates. In fact, it is slightly more than this. To deter any company from taking over a plot and then not building a mine to avoid paying commission, or the mine is uneconomic and production is stopped, the agreed commission is payable irrespective of a mine being built or any minerals being extracted until the point where the mine is depleted and permanently closed.

2. A signing bonus of 10 times the current value of the commission offered. So, you receive an immediate cash boost depending on size of mine and current price of the mineral.

3. You will also gain a technology improvement and the bigger the difference between your technology level and the company you co-operate with the better. Improving your company's mining technology is probably the most important aim in this game. In this example you can see your company's technology level in Lead is 20. The mines required technology level is 30 and the company making this offer called Seven Dwarfs technology level is 68. If you make an agreement to co-operate with Seven Dwarf's to mine this plot you will gain a maximum of 48 levels since that is the difference between your technologies in this mineral. Hence why Seven Dwarf's is only offering a small commission rate because your company will make a good technology improvement by working with them.

4. You are also shown how recently the offer was made and this also needs to be considered because all company's are only allowed to make one auction offer at anytime. Any offers made can not be withdrawn for 3 full days have elapsed thereafter the offer stands but can be withdrawn at any time, probably because the offering party finds a better alternative to make a new offer on. The only exception to this is if the company making the offer is taken over and therefore becomes instantly invalid as that company no longer exists, this will probably be fairly rare.

Once you have found or bought a suitable mining plot, and built a mine, you can review their details on the Built Mines.

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Mining Plot Offers