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So here we are shown the details of a successful test drill that is referred to as a plot until we build an actual mine on and then it is called a mine. Once you find a plot, things start to get more interesting. On this screen there are 4 sub menus to learn about.:-

1. Here you are already shown a list of plots where you can build a mine which is what you should do if your company is able to. However, in this example of a plot of Nickle the 'Build Mine' box is disabled and only Auction Mining Rights is offered as an action. The reason for this is that each company in the game is designated its own individual technology level which determines its ability to mine each different type of mineral. Since your company does not have the ability to mine this plot the only practical option, early in the game, is to auction the mining rights to another company capable of mining it. In return for this co-operation your company will receive a sign up bonus payment, regular commission and technology improvement for co-operating with a third party.

2. A list of any Offers on your plots for sale.

3. A list of Mine(s) your company has successfully built. There you can check that it remains economic to operate and adjust the percentage of minerals you decide to store in a warehouse.

4. Auctions, here you can find plots you care capable of mining with your technology that other company's own and seek co-operation to exploit.

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Mining Plot