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Here you can view the shares your company owns and buy more or sell some. Hopefully before arriving here you have read and understood the mining part of MYOB. If not then please go to the MYOB Menu and learn about it first, otherwise much of this will probably not make much sense.

All new players in the game start with a company valued at 100m, which is also the amount of cash such company's start with. Your personal investment is initially set to 10%. The other 90% is owned by pension schemes, venture capitalist, business angels, investment trusts, wealthy private investors, banks etc. Once a new company enters to MYOB world any company in MYOB can buy and sell shares in any other company.

Note that each company can not own more than 5 different company shares.

Share ownership provides an alternative option to quickly acquire technology improvements by taking over another company that has the technology or other assets you need. However, this is not going to be cheap or easily achieved as a takeover requires that you acquire more than 50% of the target company's shares. Click on this takeovers link for a more detailed explanation on what is involved and all the potential benefits.

Note that you can not buy your own company shares.

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MYOB Share Dealing